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Damson Vulcan

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Damson Vulcan

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Product Review (submitted on November 1, 2017):
I love the sound quality of this product. I am using it with an Echo Dot. This, however, poses a bit of an annoyance in that the unit continually goes "Auto-Off" after a certain interval. This happens either when using the Bluetooth connection or the AC wired plug.
I beg your indulgence to consider an "Always On" mode. If there is a way to turn "Auto-Off" *off*, permanently, either through a firmware or software upgrade, please advise. I could surely make good use of that. Failing that, and as much as I truly love this product otherwise, I shall have to return my unit from whence it came and buy something with which "Auto-Off" is either not an option, or at least can be turned off by the user when/if desired or necessary.
As is, this is a GREAT product that would have been made EXCELLENT by simply adding the ability to toggle the auto-off feature on and off as desired
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