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Damson Vulcan


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Damson Vulcan

Damson Vulcan
The illusion of surround sound from a single portable speaker


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Damson Vulcan
  • Wide Field Stereo for dynamic sound

  • Portability

  • Universal power supply with adaptors for US, UK, EU and AUS

  • Easy, wireless pairing with Bluetooth 4.0

  • Customise your grilles with different colours

  • Up to 8 hours playback from a single charge

Experience Vulcan

Your Vulcan. Your

Designed with versatility in mind; there are so many ways to use Vulcan. Pair with your TV to use like a soundbar or connect to your laptop or phone for music on the move.

Portable yet Powerful

Light enough to carry in your backpack; the Damson Vulcan produces a powerful sound, usually only expected in much bigger speakers.

Customise your

With red, white and black magnetic grilles available separately, you can create a fresh look anytime.

Experience Surround

Vulcan may be just one speaker yet it sounds like so much more. That’s because inside there are four speakers at different angles, with a clever algorithm, carefully positioned to give the illusion of two separate speakers.

Product Overview

The Damson Vulcan is a portable Bluetooth speaker that offers surround sound in just one speaker. At home, or on the move; take Vulcan wherever you go.

- Wide Field Stereo creates the impression of separate speakers.

- Bluetooth 4 with APT-X and Tap to connect.

- Powerful enough to use as a second TV's soundbar for better sound.>

- Light enough to carry with easy hold design..

- Up to 6 hours playback from a single charge.

- Wired or wirefree connection choices.

- Unique snap off/on grilles - swap out colours or replace damaged ones.

- Microphone for handsfree calls

- Universal Power Adapters including UK/USA/EU and Australia


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It's really worth to buy

Clear sound and detail, love to listen Jazz music or event EDM with punchy bass still acceptable. Easy connect to any device. One little thing quite annoying is when device connected and disconnected from speaker the man voice quite loud :) I am satisfied with battery life and I often bring it on my hiking where less electricity available.

Written by danyosa| October 5, 2018
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Best affordable portable stereo speaker

I've had a few speakers and this delivered way more than expected for the price. Fills a huge room easily and the stereo effect is awesome :-)

Written by Justin1986| May 14, 2018
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does exactly what it sets out to do, most impressive

does exactly what it sets out to do, most impressive

Written by Cathalc| November 1, 2017
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I love the sound quality of this product

I love the sound quality of this product. I am using it with an Echo Dot. This, however, poses a bit of an annoyance in that the unit continually goes "Auto-Off" after a certain interval. This happens either when using the Bluetooth connection or the AC wired plug.
I beg your indulgence to consider an "Always On" mode. If there is a way to turn "Auto-Off" *off*, permanently, either through a firmware or software upgrade, please advise. I could surely make good use of that. Failing that, and as much as I truly love this product otherwise, I shall have to return my unit from whence it came and buy something with which "Auto-Off" is either not an option, or at least can be turned off by the user when/if desired or necessary.
As is, this is a GREAT product that would have been made EXCELLENT by simply adding the ability to toggle the auto-off feature on and off as desired

Written by Lawrence Lomenzo| November 1, 2017
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Loved the portable Bluetooth speaker

Loved the portable Bluetooth speaker. It's been great. Easy to connect with our devices. Taken it out doors and it's loud enough where ever you go. My three-year-old loves to listen to her Disney favorites using the portable speaker it's great for small get-togethers with friends and family would definitely recommend .

Written by Cindy Guzman| November 1, 2017
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