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Damson S-Cube

Damson S-Cube

Damson S-Cube

Damson S-Cube
  • Long lasting

  • 35 Watts

  • Wireless tech
    no messy wires

  • Simple to use
    just plug and play

  • Connect up to 16 speakers

  • 5 Driver

Sound bigger than it looks

Using Damson’s Wide Field Stereo software, the S-Cube delivers extraordinary sound through it’s class D amplifiers and it’s 5 custom-built drivers, including a powerful sub-woofer. All specifically engineered and positioned to deliver incredible acoustic response no matter what is playing

Stream what you want

With easy setup and Bluetooth pairing you are free to stream your audio from whatever app you prefer. Damson doesn’t limit you to access via a controlled app, so whether it’s Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn, Audible or watching a video from your smart device.

Expand your Sound

Add 2 S-Cubes and make each speaker its own left and right channel speaker for even wider, richer more immersive sound. Continue adding up to 16 speakers in total for the ultimate multi-speaker setup. Set them up in the same room, or acress different rooms for true multi-room audio. You could even create your own mini-Coachella or Glastonbury thanks to the built on lithium-ion battery with up to 8 hours playtime.

Power packed and perfect
on the move

A portable Bluetooth speaker needs to be able to deliver the sound you want without limiting you to a few hours of playtime. The S-Cube delivers this by providing a minimum of 8 hours play time. When the time comes to reach for your S-cube you can do so safe in the knowledge that it was designed to be grabbable with tactile buttons you have feel without needing to look.

Product Overview

The Damson S-Cube: Expand your audio experience

- Connect up to 16 S-Cubes in Multi-Speaker mode

- Use as standalone speakers

- Multi-speaker configuration with multiple settings - same audio in sequence, stereo, staduim modes

- Built in Lithium-Ion battery

- Ultra Low Latency Audio delivery - no sound delay between speakers

- Long battery life from a single charge

- Bluetooth, Aux-In and JetStreamNet modes

- Supports universal speaker stands and wall mounts with included bracket

- Universal Power Adapters including UK/USA/EU and Australia

- No separate app control required - total audio freedom

- Dimensions: 100 x 116 x 100mm (4.3 x 4.5 x 3.9")

- 35 Watts output

- 4 x 42mm custom made drivers

- 1 x 78mm custom made subwoofer

- 7,800mAh battery. Up to 8 hours playtime and approx charge time of 2 hours>

- Sources: JetStreamNet, Aux In, Bluetooth

- Weight: 820g / 1.8lb

- Wireless range extends up to 10 metresr


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