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  • What output does PowerPlant work with?
    For USB it will charge most USB devices. For AC output (wall plug) the maximum output is 95 Watts. Please check the wattage of your device
  • How long will the PowerPlant power my device

    This depends on a number of factors such as the power output required to charge/power your device.

  • Can I charge my device while PowerPlant is charging?

    Yes. Although sometimes the PowerPlant can become too hot. In this case the built in sensors will safely power off PowerPlant.

  • What is the total mAh of the PowerPlant battery?

    20,100 mAh. The battery can be swapped out for another battery when it is discharged.

  • Do you plan to sell spare batteries?
  • What Voltage does PowerPlant work with?
    PowerPlant supports everything from 240 volts down making it compatible with almost all countries power requirements
  • What do you mean by universal power supply?
    We mean that it works with US/UK/EU/AU without the need for an adapter.

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