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HeadBones 2

HeadBones 2

HeadBones 2

HeadBones 2
  • Ultra lightweight and secure fit for running, cycling or swimming

  • Swim ready
    and sweat proof

  • Stay alert
    with bone conducting

  • A single charge
    give 6hrs playback

  • Store songs in
    your HeadBones2

  • Play songs
    from your

Experience Headbones2

Always Alert

Enjoy your favourite music and still hear what’s going on around you. HeadBones 2 sit in front of the ears and use bone conduction technology to deliver the sound. And because they don’t block your ears, you’ll always stay safe and alert.

How it works

Because safety is paramount when road running or cycling keeping your ears open is vital, HeadBones 2 allows you to listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks without blocking your ears. Allowing you to stay motivated when on long training sessions. Even though the headphones don’t sit in the ears, you’ll still hear perfectly great audio. HeadBones 2 don't block your ears, they use your skull to send the sound into your inner ear, which keeps your ear canal open to listen to everything else.

Feel the freedom

Running or cycling can be enjoyed for up to six hours playback and a built-in audio player with 4GB memory, this is the only audio device you need to help you train. These headphonea aren't just for training or sport, because you need to listen to sounds around you when commuting to work, or waiking the dog these are the perfect headset to carry with you on your way to work.

Stay connected

Hold hands-free calls when you’re out and about thanks to the microphone and Bluetooth connectivity built into Headbones 2, perfect if you have a car rental, or are borrowing someone else's. Compatible with Siri, Google Voice and Cortana, you can control your phone without stopping what your doing.

Waterproof Up To Three Metres

Heavy rain or sweat,; wet conditions are no problem for HeadBones 2. Built to withstand even the most rigorous workout.

Product Overview

Damson Headbones 2 are water resistant Bluetooth wireless headphones that don’t block your ears. Instead, they sit in front of the ears and use bone conduction technology to deliver great sounds whilst ensuring you are still aware of whatever is going on around you.

IPX5 Water resistance against rain or sweat Hear everything with bone conduction technology Built in 4gb MP3 player for music, audiobooks or podcasts Bluetooth 4.2 for stable wireless connectivity Ultra Lightweight frame Built-in Microphone for handsfree calls At least 6 hours playback time
Bone Conduction Technology 4gb Mp3 Player Lithium Ion battery Bluetooth 4 68g weight Suitable for nearly all head sizes

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