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HeadBones X

  • How do I pair my device to the HeadBones?

    First, open the Bluetooth settings on your device. While this is open, hold down the volume + button on the HeadBones X. You will hear "Power on". Keep holding this down until you see the HeadBones X appear as an option to connect to in your devices Bluetooth settings. Choose HeadBones X, and you will hear "Connected". You are now connected and ready to play audio.

  • How long does the battery last?

    The battery will last up to 6 hours between charges

  • How long do I need to charge them for?

    The HeadBones X need to be charged for 2-3 hours from a wall socket to ensure they are fully charged

  • How do I charge them?

    You can use the micro-USB cable that is supplied

  • Can people around me hear what I am listening to?

    There may be some as the the device isn't in-ear. This is also dependent on the volume you are listening at

  • When will I know if they are fully charged?

    When the HeadBones X are charging, the LED next to the charging port will be red. When they are fully charged, this will change to blue.

  • My HeadBones are vibrating
    Good! That means they are working!
  • I can only hear out of one side of my HeadBones
    Try running them completely flat and charging from a wall socket? If so, and it's still the same, please contact our support team

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