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HeadBones X

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Product Review (submitted on December 13, 2018):
I owned the first Headbones that I supported on Kickstarter and ever since I wouldn't miss bone-conducting headphones any more. They are the only headphones I wear while riding my bike and they are the only "AR-Headphones" that I know of (perfect for playing AR-games like Pokemon GO, Ghostbusters World, Zombies: run! etc.).
I got the Headbones X as a replacement for my broken Headbones and have them in regular use for a few weeks now.

The Headbones X are basically a "light" version of the first Headbones with all the forseeable pros and cons: they are lighter and smaller, thus more comfortable to wear, but also have shorter battery-life and are missing some features, like the 3.5 mm audio-in and -out. But to be honest, I didn't use those ports very often with my original Headbones, so I guess I won't miss them much.
The audio-quality is great (also goes for the microphone) and the buttons are good too (allthough the '-' is really close to the ear and sometimes hard to reach), but most times I control my phone via my watch anyway.

tldr: I'm very happy with this new set of Headbones and highly recommend them to any passionate biker, runner or AR-gamer.
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