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HeadBones X


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HeadBones X


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HeadBones X
  • Ear-free design
    keeping you alert
    and safe

  • Ultra-lightweight,
    fit, flexible, durable
    Titanium design

  • Wireless BT connectivity

  • 6 hours
    playback on a
    single charge

  • Sweat proof and
    water resistant

  • Built-in high

Experience Headbones2

Always Alert

Stay aware of your surroundings and still enjoy your favourite music, audiobook, radio station or podcast. Traditional headphones close off the outer ear. Headbones X leave the outer ear free by sitting on the temporal bone in front of your ears and conducting sound through to your inner ear - allowing you to hear traffic, talk to friends or take in your environment.

Stay connected

The Headbones X features improved, stable wireless connectivity to keep you connected to your smart device without those annoying drop outs and works with all modern smartphones. The highly sensitive microphone allows you to take calls hands-free on your headset with the touch of a button without having to get your phone out of your bag. Improved battery life with up to 6 hours playback from a single charge.

Flexible, durable design

Specially selected materials have been used to craft the Headbones X to create a truly flexible headset. The cutting edge titanium alloy and silicon design maximizes durability – safe to store in your gym bag after a long session.

Improved universal fit

Headbones X are designed around your active lifestyle. Perfectly positioned to sit underneath a helmet and ergonomically designed to sit with maximum comfort and can even accommodate glasses or goggles.

How It Works

Safety is paramount when running or cycling. Keeping your ears free is vital to your wellbeing. Headbones X allows you to listen to your favourite music, podcast or audio book without blocking your ears. With Headbones X you can stay motivated and safe on long training sessions. The headphones simply sit on the temporal bone in front of your ear and use the bone to conduct the sound directly to your inner ear, leaving your outer ear free to listen to everything else.

Product Overview

Damson Headbones x Bone Conduction Headphones -

- Pure bone conduction drivers sends sound directly into your head

- Lightweight at just 40g

- Flexible Titanium alloy headband for the full off-road experiencer

- Available in three colours; Black. Yellow. Blue.

- Built in microphone for handsfree calls.

- IP55 sweat and water resistance

- BT4.2 wireless connection.

- 15mm bone conduction driver

- BT4.2 Wireless connection

- 45 - 20khz frequency range

- 84db output

- 180mAh built in lithium Ion battery


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Excellent, Lightweight and crystal clear

First got HeadBones for my son about 5 years ago. He has a severe hearing loss and uses hearing aids. These latest HeadBones are a huge advance on the first ones. They are so lightweight and because they use the skull to transmit the sound he is able to keep his hearing aids in and be aware of other sounds around him. Amongst other uses he does use them when cycling to listen to music but it also enables him to use his phone for voice calls with a lot more ease than trying to hear through his hearing aids. As well as good for him to hear, the reception when he rings us is crystal clear too. Win, win.
A great invention, wonderful engineering and very much appreciated.
Thank you Damson

Written by Gerry| December 20, 2018
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lightweight but great

I owned the first Headbones that I supported on Kickstarter and ever since I wouldn't miss bone-conducting headphones any more. They are the only headphones I wear while riding my bike and they are the only "AR-Headphones" that I know of (perfect for playing AR-games like Pokemon GO, Ghostbusters World, Zombies: run! etc.).
I got the Headbones X as a replacement for my broken Headbones and have them in regular use for a few weeks now.

The Headbones X are basically a "light" version of the first Headbones with all the forseeable pros and cons: they are lighter and smaller, thus more comfortable to wear, but also have shorter battery-life and are missing some features, like the 3.5 mm audio-in and -out. But to be honest, I didn't use those ports very often with my original Headbones, so I guess I won't miss them much.
The audio-quality is great (also goes for the microphone) and the buttons are good too (allthough the '-' is really close to the ear and sometimes hard to reach), but most times I control my phone via my watch anyway.

tldr: I'm very happy with this new set of Headbones and highly recommend them to any passionate biker, runner or AR-gamer.

Written by Reinhard| December 13, 2018
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