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Damson Cisor - Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker-black

A slick and elegant wireless portable Bluetooth speaker. Twist to turn on, then place on almost any surface to turn it into your own sound system.
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What is XD Audio?

XD is short for crossover definition. Active noise cancellation headphones suffer from crossover interference which we hear as a hiss as the software processing the cancellation impedes on the audio you listen to. With XD Audio, the hiss has been cancelled out leaving the user free to listen to high definition audio whatever the environment they are in. Our innovative noise canceling technology shuts out what you don’t want while boosting what you do; giving you unrivalled audio enjoyment on the go.

HD Audio Playback

We here at Damson Audio believe in our tagline, “Hear it. Feel it.” We engineered the HeadSpace to provide an immersive experience; feel the rich deep bass, listen to the clean, clear highs and warm mid-tones, and pick out your favourite instruments. Don't just hear the music, but feel it.

Built with Precision,
Designed to get Noticed

Ever get annoyed by expensive headphones that are let down by the squeak or creak of cheap plastic? No more! HeadSpace is built with quality brushed-aluminum, making our eye-catching cans not only look great, but built to last too. The ear cups rotate on a tri-axis left-right and up-down for the perfect fit, and the headband is lined with a leather-like material for additional comfort. You’ll never want to take them off.

Perfect on the Move

We are more mobile than ever, and we wanted HeadSpace to be suited to every need. Enjoy up to 16 hours of playback on a single charge thanks to our Lithium ion battery. Protect your headphones when travelling with our hard carry case, and recharge from flat in two hours. Finally, rest at ease with our 1 year guarantee.

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