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Damson Cisor


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Damson Cisor

Damson Cisor
The vibration speaker


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Damson Cisor
  • Up to 6 hours playback from a single charge

  • Bluetooth and portable for music on the move

  • USB-C

  • Connect two Cisors for wireless stereo

  • Use glass surfaces for the best quality sound

  • Just twist to control with the simple, sleek design

Experience Cisor

Amplify sound from
almost any surface

Cisor amplifies the music using the surface as a speaker for outstanding sound. The bigger the surface, the bigger the sound.
We think glass creates the best quality sound and you will enjoy experimenting with different surfaces. Or add Cisor’s metal mount (available separately) to fix Cisor to vertical surfaces. Attach to a window to hear sound on both sides, making it great for parties, or turn your entire car into a speaker by fixing Cisor to the rear window.

Incisor Diffusion

Traditional speakers use a cone to convert sound waves into audio. Cisor replaces the cone by using our unique Incisor Diffusion Technology. Small ‘teeth’ replace the cone and transfer sound down to the foot. The result is a powerful sound from a remarkably small speaker.

Connect Two Cisors for
Wireless Stereo

If you’re not content with the amazing sound produced from a single Cisor, no fear just connect a second Cisor and create amazing wireless stereo effects. Go further by adding the mount and fix to a window to create a truly unique audio experience.

Perfect on the Move

Thanks to Cisor’s diminutive size (it’s small than a small can of soda) and its well built construction out of a single piece of aluminium with its solid foot, Cisor is perfect on the move, all you need to do is find the best surface to play on.

Product Overview

The Damson Cisor is a mini portable Bluetooth speaker that can be used on almost any surface. Just twist to control with the simple, sleek design.

- Connect two Cisors together for Wireless Stereo

- Use surfaces to get up to four times power

- Stunning aluminium design

- Designed to travel, small enough to carry, heavy enough to withstand it.

- Use the Metal Mount and secure to windows for ultra sound on both sides.

- Up to 6 hours play time from a single charge.

- Bluetooth and Aux-In connectivity for wireless or wired connection.

- 10 Watts Incisor Diffusion Technology surface driver.

- Bluetooth Wireless connection

- Aux-in for wired connections.

- Supports wireless stereo for connecting a second Cisor.

- Weight: 315g (12oz)


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Fantastic, so much fun!

I received a Cisor for my birthday and must have used it every day since! I have loved trying it out on different surfaces around the house. I would recommend it.

Written by Karen G.| May 14, 2018
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This is a great speaker! It is a lot of fun trying

This is a great speaker! It is a lot of fun trying out many surfaces and deciding which one gives the best sound for the music I am playing. So far, the best sounds come from the windows and my window seat. It has great sound and you would never guess that it is coming from such a small unit. I am very happy with my purchase. It will be very handy when summer comes and more time is spent outside. I can turn music on inside and attach it to the window to be heard outside and I don't have to worry about the weather hurting the unit! Thank you !

Written by Shelly| November 1, 2017
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Great sound.

"Great sound.
Sounds really thin with no bass UNTIL you put it down then it really kicks out bass.
Amazing for its size and price.
I bought two, one was faulty and the customer service was brilliant replacing the faulty one in a few days. Only slight downer is the stereo (with two) seems to have a slight delay? Bu tone their own BRILLIANT "

Written by Gareth Rhys| November 1, 2017
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Wow! What a surprise. How can such a small

"Wow! What a surprise. How can such a small object deliver such crystal clear sound and volume.
Takes a short while to work out optimum surface to play it on, but that's part of the fun!!!!!
Will look to purchase further accessories to accentuate the experience. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend. 5 stars *****"

Written by Corrie| November 1, 2017
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Impressive sound. The NFC stereo

"Impressive sound. The NFC stereo is really good.
Only thing I'd like to see - some sort of protective case. These are going travelling, and I'd hate to break one."

Written by Roger O'Donnell| November 1, 2017
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