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Music playlist week #7

Music playlist week #7

Welcome to Damson's weekly feature.

Each week we will share 10 great tracks with you. 




Loud Luxury - Body
From upcoming Canadian production duo, Body is a catchy deep house track that's the perfect tinge of summer-inspired grooves, with great R&B vocals from Brando. You'll definitely want to have this on rotation for as long as possible. There's no way you would get bored of it.
Slaves - One More Day Won't Hurt
British noise merchants "Slaves" are great. Punky, political, but never taking themselves too seriously. This latest release is another in a long line of great, catchy cross over tracks. We love Slaves. And so should you.
Bicep - Opal (Four Tet Remix)
Four Tet's tweak of this Track from Bicep's first album works really, really well, making an already upbeat tune sound even catchier. That is once it gets going of course. There are about 90 seconds until the kick drum comes in. A belter.
Daughter - Youth
This is beautiful stuff. Simple enough too, with guitar and gorgeous vocals before the tribal drums kick in. Combined with some of the most affecting lyrics ever, this is a truly great song. Go on, have a cry. We dare you.
The Music - Welcome To The North
"The Music" are from the North of England. We are from the North of England. This track is called Welcome To The North. It's a no brainer that we would love these guys. It's a real shame they're not around anymore, they really were tremendous. Everyone should own their debut album If you don't already own it, buy it immediately.
Scott Matthews - Elusive
It's hard to believe that this Ivor Novello winning track came out way back in 2006. It still sounds as fresh and beautiful as the first time we heard it. If this catches you in the wrong mood, you'll be a quivering, sobbing mess.
Yelle - Je Veux Te Voir
Remember MySpace? We do. This was made popular by Yelle uploading on to the social media platform way back in 2005. The French really know how to produce absolutely stellar electronic music, don't they?
La Nuit Del Mar - Everybody
There's not a great deal to tell you about this, as it's pretty difficult to find any information online, but one thing is for sure...this is incredible. Think Ibiza sunsets, beaches, cocktails and parties. The whole lot. Enjoy.
Young Fathers - In My View
For years, "Young Fathers" have liked to test perceptions and provocate, and that didn't stop with the release of last years "Cocoa Sugar" album release. This is just one highlight from a truly outstanding piece of work. If these guys don't become massive soon, there's no justice in the world.
Fyfe & Iska Strings - Love Hurts
Fancy a mix of classical music, percussion and Hip Hop beats? Of course you do. Why wouldn't you? Look no further than this collaboration between Fyfe and Iska Strings. It's hard to describe to be honest, so just give it a listen and see for yourself.