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Music playlist week #17

Music playlist week #17

Welcome to Damson's weekly feature.

Each week we share 10 great tracks with you. This week we have a guest playlist from everyone's favourite local radio station, Minster F.M. We asked Laura from the Breakfast show to give us her top 10 tracks to wake up to!





WHAM! - Wake me up before you Go-Go

Thanks to the music video, every time you see a "Pro-life" T-Shirt, you think of this song. For us, this is the happiest song ever made. Every time its played, the endorphins start flowing big time. We miss George! Can you think of a happier song than this?
PJ & Duncan - Let's Get Ready To Rhumble
It's hard to believe that that "PJ & Duncan" and the nation's sweethearts "Ant & Dec" are the same people, but here we are. This is a perfect example of when a song can be so daft, it comes full circle and is now beloved. It is bloody brilliant though isn't it. Just don't get us started on the spelling of "Rhumble"...
Lizzo - Good As Hell
"Good As Hell" was first released in 2016. It's the sort of song that crawls up to you, gets under your skin and becomes one with all of the best joints and nerves. It sounds painful, but trust us, it's not. Lizzo is incredible, not only her musicianship but also her personality and the way she spreads incredibly positive and important self-love messages.
AC/DC - Highway To Hell
It's hard to say what the greatest AC/DC track is but this is definitely in the conversation. Is this their greatest intro to their greatest album? Probably. Fast-paced, tongue in cheek and a little raunchy. This is quite simply one of the greatest Rock and Roll songs ever written.
Cher - Believe
Here goes...Without "Believe" by Cher, there would be no "One More Time" by Daft Punk. There, we said it. (Look up the comparisons!) Either insanely irritating or a party classic. One thing is for sure, if you have this on full blast first thing in the morning, it really wakes you up! The autotune varies from fun to headache-inducing, depending on what kind of mood you're in when you hear it.
Jessie J - It's My Party
Full disclosure, we know very little about this song! But, as a track that could get you motivated first thing in the morning to attack the day with positivity and gusto, it's hard to disagree with this choice! Also, we appreciate the thinly-veiled jabs at her critics in the lyrics. Good on her.
Fleur East - Sax
Now we're talking...This is so, so catchy. Not sure what music Fleur has done since this, but it's unlikely she will ever release a song as brilliant as this again. Nothing wrong with peaking too early when this is the outcome!
Hanson - MMMBop
This could be the most perfect pop song written by any band not called ABBA. Look up the definition of "One Hit Wonder" online, and you'll see a picture of these guys. But still. WHAT. A. SONG.
Justin Timberlake - CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!
The original Justin. JT. Trousersnake. Whatever you want to call him, the guy knows how to write a catchy tune! After a few years out of the music industry, he came back with this absolute belter. Almost as good as SexyBack. Almost...
Westlife - When You're Looking Like That
Laura, Laura, Laura...What were you thinking...