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Best Songs from TV Commercials

Best Songs from TV Commercials

You know when you hear a song, and then it annoys you for ages because you can’t remember where you heard it before, it can be quite Irritating. Then you realise it’s from a commercial you have seen on TV, and without even realising it's been rattling around in your head for weeks or months. Anybody would think those flash marketing agencies know what they’re doing!

We have compiled a list of our top 5 best songs from the TV commercials. It's not designed to be an absolute list and we are sure that many of you will disagree with the list (our CEO thought the Christmas Coca-Cola "I'd like to teach the world to sing" should have been in here) and if you do disagree, let us know why and which songs from the commercials you think should be on here.

5) KISS - I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU (Costa Coffee 2012)


Let's start off with a real classic, from everyone's favourite make-up wearing Glam Rockers Kiss. A really quite surreal commercial, especially when you consider it is for a coffee shop company! It opens with numerous people up to their necks in coffee beans inside what looks like a circus tent. It transpires that this whole scenario is in a customers head as he is waiting in line at his local Costa Coffee branch. The song seems to fit so well, but it’s really hard to work out why! What is for certain is that this brought the song to a much wider audience, whether the band realised it or not!

 4) AQUALUNG - STRANGE & BEAUTIFUL (Volkswagen Beetle 2002)

British singer/songwriter Matt Hales, better known as the guy behind Aqualung, shot to recognition in 2002 when this beautiful song was used on an advert for the latest Volkswagen Beetle model. Very minimalist in its production, the track sounds just as good now as it did then. If you’ve never heard it, what are you playing at! It was also released as a single on the fantastic B-Unique record label and did very well in the charts. Listen to it. Again. And again. You won’t regret it. 

3) MR OIZO - FLAT BEAT (Levi’s Jeans 1999)

We stumbled across a blog post recently that described French electro genius Mr Oizo as a one hit wonder. While this is really not the case, it is fair to say that all of his releases in the years since 1999 have not had the same commercial impact as Flat Beat. Made famous, along with mascot/companion Flat Eric, by featuring in Levi’s commercial, this electro track is super catchy, and you can’t help nodding your head along to it. I’m sure that the sale of Levi’s and Flat Eric replica toys went through the roof after this! Mr Oizo is still very prominent in the EDM scene, so make sure to check him out and see that there was more to him than just Flat Beat.


2) BRAN VAN 3000 - DRINKING IN LA (Rolling Rock 1999)

Seems appropriate that a band named after alcohol should become a household name for the use of their music in a beer commercial! Used in the Rolling Rock advert in the UK in 1999, this has become a stable “90’s music playlist” ever since, and with good reason, it’s an absolute classic! Good luck finding the advert anywhere online though, it’s near impossible. It also begs the age old question, “Who is Stereo Mike??”.



1) LEFTFIELD - PHAT PLANET (Guinness 1999)

Not only our choice for the number 1 in this list, but this is also the commercial seem by many as the best ever. It’s hard to disagree. The ad shot stylishly in black and white, features a bunch of surfers waiting for the perfect wave. Sure enough, it arrives, and while the surfers are, er, surfing it, the waves turn into great white stallions, while the constant beat of Phat Planet gets louder and more intense in the background. It really is a masterpiece. Make sure you check out the extended 90 second version online which was published by director Johathan Glazer. Never has a musical track complimented an advert so well.


Be sure to let us know of any others that you would have preferred to have on this list, it’s always great to hear from you!