This year’s cohort of first year university students – or Freshers, as they’re more often known - were born between September 1 1997 and August 31st 1998*

Read that again: they were born in 1997 or 1998.

People who were born two years before the new millennium are now going to university. To train to become the next generation of lawyers, doctors, and leisure centre managers.

To mourn this sobering fact (or celebrate, depending on your viewpoint) we’ve collated a playlist of all the number 1 singles from September each year since 1997. It is the ultimate Fresher’s week playlist.

Not only will our banging playlist be the backdrop to some huge parties and pre-drinks; it will give the soon-to-be Fresher’s their first experience of crushing nostalgia, and it will track the development of pop music over the past 19 years.

Three birds, one cheesy pop music stone.

You can expect to hear Will Smith, Robbie Williams, The Vengaboys, Atomic Kitten, Olly Murs, Taio Cruz, Little Mix, Justin Bieber, Lou Bega, All Saints, Elton John, and about fifty more pop music heavies.

GET 1997: HERE

* Assuming they went straight to uni without a gap year


Featured Image courtesy of Keith Laverack, Flickr ®