Creating the perfect workout playlist

Posted 12/6/2018 6:36 AM By Mark hudson

New year, new me, yadda yadda… how many of you out there had getting in shape as your near year’s resolution? Plenty I should think.

Working out is not an easy thing to do, especially if it’s...

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The 10 greatest Christmas movies to watch on your Home Cinema

Posted 11/2/2018 8:10 AM By Mark hudson

Christmas movies eh! You either love them or hate them. We love them here at Damson. Well, most of them anyway....

What better way to watch your favourite Christmas movies this holiday than t...

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The Film & Television Charity

Posted 10/30/2018 5:52 AM By Mark hudson

Admit it, EVERYONE loves the 80’s!

Damson are lucky enough to have been asked to sponsor this year’s Film & Television Charity presented “Love Letter to the 80’s”, held in London on the 14th ...

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There is something perversely weird about horror movies, we love and hate them in equal measure. It’s a great way to cosy up to loved ones on the sofa, or to bite into a cushion as you peak ...

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Testing your audio equipment

Posted 9/14/2018 4:57 AM By Mark hudson

Here at Damson HQ, we like to think we know our music. You would certainly hope so considering we make a living out of creating things to play your music through….

To this end, we thought we ...

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Dan Twine Q & A

Posted 5/21/2018 6:53 AM By Mark hudson

We always love to hear how our products are used by people. We connected with Dan Twine, a freelance Cameraman from the UK,  who was pictured online hard at work, with his Damson HeadSpace p...

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The Damson S-Series is FINALLY here!

Posted 4/20/2018 6:21 AM By Mark hudson


It's been a long, long time coming, but we finally have the physical stock of our revolutionary Damson S-Series Home Cinema System! Bringing Wireless, Dol...

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Damson's Coachella 2018 tips

Posted 3/22/2018 3:32 AM By Mark hudson

With Coachella festival kicking off very soon, we have compiled a list of our top acts to make sure you check out over the 2 weekends, some you will be familiar with, and some not so!



THE W...

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