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The small yet powerful portable charger

Courageous Innovation in Personal Audio

  • IPhone, Android phone

  • pocket size

  • Charge level indicator

  • Lightweight

  • Aluminium design

  • 2600mAh battery

Charge level indicator

PowerVault does not compromise size for convenience. With the 4 level indicators you’ll know how much charge is remaining in your PowerVault and when it’s time to charge up again, without needing to rely upon any guess work.

Charge at your fingertips

PowerVault is the ultra-lightweight portable charger that keeps you powered wherever you go. Smaller than the average phone, you can pop PowerVault in your pocket or bag and always be ready to charge your devices.

Small yet mighty

PowerVault can be used to recharge almost all modern portable devices, including smartphones, tablets and wireless headphones. Small enough to carry wherever you go yet powerful enough to keep your devices charged all day.

Stay charged for longer with PowerVault

With PowerVault, you’ll always have extra charge for your phone, tablet or laptop when you need it most. So you can enjoy your day without worrying about finding a power socket.

Product Overview

PowerVault is a portable charger for recharging your devices when you are nowhere near an electrical socket. Perfect for Smatphones or E-Cigarettes

  • Single piece of Aluminium
  • 4 LED lights for easy charge status
  • Power on/off
  • 2600mAh Battery
  • 5v 1amp output via USB

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Brilliant and Effective

Love the PowerVault! The LED charge indicator is really handy and it's been really reliable. Charges my Samsung S9 twice per charge - more than other power banks have managed in the past.

Written by Jess| 14 May 2018
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more power than its size suggests

i bought this on the Black Friday offer of half price and for the price of £4.99 i wasn't expecting much.

On receiving the PowerVault, i must say i am pleasantly surprised.The packaging is a plain white "mobile phone" style box with only the Damson logo and a product info sticker. On opening the box the PowerVault is set on a plastic insert with the charging cable underneath. The instructions received were not in English which was a shame, but to be honest there is not much that can be said.

The PowerVault came with a slight charge as shown by the nice indicator on the side and a button on the end let you see how much charge it has. Connecting the Micro USB cable to the computer starting it charging and again the indicator flashed to show it was changing. After fully charging the indicator went solid.

Plugging it in a phone activated the charge indicator and the phone successfully charged and indicated the amount of charge let on the PowerVault after charging had finished.

The size of the PowerVault is 93mm x 22mm diameter so fits nicely in your hand , pocket or bag. it would have been nice to get a small carry pouch with it so that the cable and the powervault can be kept securely together but overall a very good device and a must if you are travelling or out for a long period of time without access to a mains power source to charge your device.

The micro usb cable it came with was the same as the one needed to charge the Damson Cisor and this Powervault successfully charged the speaker as well as the mobile phone.

on a side note - the micros USB cable received was white, whereas the PowerVault comes in Black or Silver, so it would have been nice to have all items the same colour, but that is minor thing and does not impact its functionality

Written by Steve| 30 November 2017
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