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Damson S-Series

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Product Review (submitted on 20 December 2018):
I don't write reviews. Ever. So why did I write this? I saw the review from "Paul" and just have to disagree with his comments about the product. I agree with him that the service and product build are outstanding, but so is the product.

I live in a condo in Florida, it's not huge but it's also not too small. I wanted a home theater system that would fit in the living room and over running it for the size of the speakers. My wife told me I couldn't get full surround because of the audio cables. I really didn't want a virtual soundbar because they're crap and I thought there had to be a system that did it all wirelessly.

After a lot of research I found the Damson and the S-Series. I read the reviews and the negatives seemed to be about the volume steps and bass. So I reached out to their live chat (Marc I think) who advised that an update had been performed. I took the jump and bought the kit.

Set up was a breeze, even simple for a mid-50 somthing like me. No apps to download, no wifi codes to enter, just plug a few HDMI cables in. I did have problem with not getting Atmos but found out that was my HDMI cable, not the S-Series after a quick video call with Marc.

The system is awesome though, the bass works for me as I don't want Odeon style rib shattering but my old bones still shake from it. I never have the volume up over 70% I think and the surround is incredible. Best bit, I put the surround cubes on my side tables next to our couch when I want to use them and use them wirelessly then I charge them when i've finished. Keeps my good lady happy.

I would just say that for the price - around half the price off Sonos home theater - this is awesome. Ignore Paul, I think he wants an AMC theater in his living room.
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