This creates an incredibly immersive, cinematic experience that can't be replicated by normal surround sound

A Unique product because of wireless technology, compact components and battery-powered rears for a wire-free configuration

I listened to various movie trailers, and videos, with the Atmos, and the quality and experience were very good, for a system with way fewer speakers than what you would find in movie theatres

In movie theatres, it requires speakers built into the ceiling, but Damson is using directional technology to bounce the audio off the ceiling instead

Upgrade your TV Experience

The S-Series combines multiple speakers to deliver breathtaking sound from every direction, making it a real game-changer in home cinema technology. Every detail, every whisper, every note; you’ll never miss a thing with the S-Series from Damson.


Damson S-Series

Damson S-Series

Wireless Home Cinema With 360⁰ Sound

  • Cinematic Sound with Dolby Atmos

  • Absolute Wireless Surround

  • 4K Video Passthrough and Xbox support

  • Simple to use just plug and play

  • Fill your home with sound, not speakers

  • Up to 8 hours playback from a single charge

Experience S-Series

Simple to use.
Just plug and play

Damson’s built-in JetStreamNet Wireless Technology means no messy cables. And with
a simple and intuitive set-up, you’ll be enjoying the sound in next to no time.

fill the room with sound,
not speakers

Using Damson’s innovative audio technology, the soundbar and subwoofer are designed to be discreet while delivering powerful sound. At just 240mm/9.5 inches wide, your eyes will be on the action, not the soundbar.

You may think it wouldn't be possible to deliver awesome cinematic sound from such a compact design. Prepared to be amazed.


Product Overview

The Damson S-Series includes everything you need to create the only wireless home cinema system with Dolby Atmos®.

- Absolute wireless surround sound powered by Damson JetStreamNet

- Modular system design: Flexible and easy to set up

-Experience Dolby Atmos 3D 360º immersive surround sound

-Watch video in Dolby Vision, HDR10 and 4K UHD

- Compact, powerful design for modern living rooms

-Powered by JetStreamNet for wireless surround sound

-Powerful 130 Watts wireless home cinema system

-Patented Ultrathin Subwoofer redfining the expectations of subwoofers.

-Supports Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital+, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro-logic, Dolby Virtual Surround

-Video passthrough supports Dolby Vision & HDR10 and 4k UHD

-Watch surround sound truly wireless with S-Cubes built in Lithium batteries

-2 x HDMI inputs; 1 x Aux-in; Bluetooth

-1 x HDMI Output with Audio Return Channel (ARC)

-Universal plug works in USA/UK/EU/Australia

-Supports ARC HDMI remote control operstion

-Wireless remote control - no line of sight required

The Damson S-Cubes

-Use as standalone speakers or surround sound speakers

-35 Watts output

-Built in Lithium-Ion battery

-Up to 8 hours wireless playback at 70% volume

-Bluetooth and Aux-in< with JetStreamNet multi-speaker connectivity/span>

-Supports universal speaker stands and wall connectors

-Includes universal plug that works in USA/UK/EU/Australia

-connect up to 8 S-Cubes together for multi-speaker multi-room set up

-No separate app control required - total audio freedom


home cinema for all

The S-Series combines multiple speakers to deliver breathtaking sound from every direction, making it a real game-changer in home cinema technology. Every detail, every whisper, every note; you’ll never miss a thing with the S-Series from Damson. Hear it first – join the S-Series launch list



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Best complete Atmos solution for the money

I bought this system to fully complement an LG TV with 4K/Dolby Vision/Dolby Atmos capability and three 4K video sources (LG 4K Bluray player, Apple TV 4K, Amazon FireTV 4K).

Overall I was impressed by how small the system is, yet how much punch it has. The setup of the Atmos extension on the main soundbar with magnets is elegant, and the fact that there is not another connector cable between the soundbar and the subwoofer is also great for setup options and eliminating wires. The fully wireless and battery powered rear speakers (with included mounting brackets) is genius and especially pleasing to the wife who HATES wires. I've watch 3 full length feature movies so far and still have not yet needed to charge the rears. Overall the sound is expansive and although the bass is a little lacking, given the size of the system and compared to all other Dolby Atmos soundbar systems which cost up to 2x as much, this performs admirably.

Some design and feature improvements to consider for the future:

1. Longer or modular power cords - the ones included are way too short.
2. More substantial remote control - feels a little flimsy compared to the rest of system.
3. Ability to expand this system to a full discrete wireless 7.1.4 Atmos solution:
a. Additional 4 S-Cubes could be added for side channels and discrete Front Left and Front Right channels, turning the soundbar into a discrete center channel
b. Maybe develop two rear height channel add-on speakers that snap on to the top of the S-Cubes like the front Atmos bar snaps onto the top of the soundbar?
4. Ability to tell which S-Cube is set to which channel without having to pry open the charging cover to see if it's set to right rear (circle) or left rear (triangle) - maybe a light up indicator at top? Since I take my speakers down to charge, putting them back up makes it hard to tell which channel each is. Especially will be important if my suggestion #3 is followed and you now have potentially 6 S-Cubes to re-position after charging
5. Ability to process DTS:X material via firmware update
6. Addition of another HDMI input on the subwoofer for a total of 3 HDMI inputs

Written by Benson| 19 June 2018
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Great Sound System

Written by Manish| 15 June 2018
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Absolutely Awesome Systsm

Following my review yesterday, I have now watched a few movies, which, although not with ATMOS soundtracks, still came across very well with great sound effects being steered around the speakers. I have also just listened to Matt Darey - Wolf ATMOS album (link here: and that was bloody fantastic. I found myself sitting here with a smile on my face with some of the effects. My living room is now just that when this system is running, living and breathing sound from every corner of the room - SIMPLY BREATHTAKING. Do not hesitate in buying this product
Remote is still crap though - lol

Written by Nigel| 6 June 2018
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