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  • How much are the additional S-Cube speakers?

    They can be purchased individually from our website (Prices may vary based on location)

  • Is the S-Series a 5.1.4 System?
    ​Our system is currently a 5.1.2.
  • What spatial clearance does the Atmos unit need?
    To get the best effect from Dolby Atmos it is recommended that the ceiling height is between 2.5 (9 ft) to 3.5 metres (15 ft) and the ceiling is flat.
  • How many additional S-Cube speakers can you be add to the system?
    The system comes with two S-Cubes. You can add up to another 14 giving you 16 speakers in total that can be added.
  • What is the range of the remote control?
    10 metres
  • What is the expected battery life of the S-Cube?
    Up to to 8 hours depending on the volume and audio content.
  • Can the S-Cubes be used to play music from other sources, but also using the entire system (S-Bar, S-Woofer & Atmos)
    "Yes, the S-Bar can play music via Bluetooth and also through HDMI inputs (Spotify by Amazon Fire stick for example). It also has aux-in. The S-Cubes can also be connected to via Bluetooth and Aux-in, and in multiple ways. You can have up to 16 S-Cubes in total connected in total. "
  • What wireless network does the s-series work on?
    The Damson S-Series uses its own wireless network - JetStreamNet.
  • Will my Atmos speaker work inside my TV cabinet?

    No. The Atmos needs a clear line of sight to the ceiling to reflect the sound.

  • Can I use the S-Cubes on their own?
    Yes, you can disconnect the S-Cubes to use as a pair or on their own, connect to any Bluetooth device and stream.
  • Are the S-Cubes re-chargeable?

    Yes, using the universal power supply provided.

  • Can I stream music to the S-Series via Bluetooth?

    Yes, just change to the S-Series to Bluetooth on the S-Bar. This can be done directly on the S-Bar or via the remote control.

  • How do I re-pair my S-Cubes to the system?

    Turn on the S-Cube, quickly press the pair button on the back of the S-Cube at the same time as the pair button on the remote control. This will take 1-2 seconds to re-connect with the system.

  • Why do my S-Cubes drop out after 60 seconds?

    This is because the S-Cubes have not been connected back into the system correctly. Please refer to the above answer for how to connect them.

  • My S-Cubes intermittently cut out when the full system is in use

    This could be dependent on the location of the S-Cube's in your room. If there is any obstacle, the speakers may drop out, which is them trying to recalibrate with the S-Series. Try adjusting the position of your S-Cubes.

  • Does the Damson S-Series support Atmos through a PS4 and/or X-Box 1?

    PS4 - Yes, but only when using the PS4 to play via Blu-ray. X-Box 1 - Yes, when streaming content such as Netflix, and when playing Blu-ray discs.

  • Is the S-Series compatible with Amazon Fire?
    Yes, it works with all Amazon Fire, but to benefit from Dolby Atmos content you will need an Amazon 4K ready device and a 4K UHD TV.
  • Will the S-Series work with my LG OLED TV?

    Check your TV manufacturer instructions for the ability to stream Dolby Atmos and then refer to your TV user guide for setup.

  • Does the S-Series support ARC?

    Yes, connect the HDMI output from the S-Woofer to the HDMI ARC port on the TV.

  • Why is my TV not playing sound when connected in ARC?
    1) Check you have the connections correct as above. 2) Refer to your TV manufacturer's setup guide. ARC settings can be hidden in the audio settings submenu. It may be referred to as CES or Simplink.
  • What if I'm not receiving the Dolby Atmos signal through ARC?

    Not all TVs support this feature. Refer to your manufacturer's specifications. To bypass this, consider connecting your devices (Blu-ray, Xbox etc.) directly to the S-Woofer.

  • How will I know if my S-Series is playing Atmos content?
    If the LED on the front of the S-Woofer is flashing, the content is Atmos.
  • My remote control seems to be unresponsive. How can I fix this?

    1) Check that there are 2 working AAA Batteries inserted. Try replacing these. 2) If the remote continues to be unresponsive, follow these steps to reconnect it; Remove the power cable from the S-Woofer, wait 20 seconds and insert it back in. The red LED will now show on the front of the S-Woofer. On the remote control press the vol - (minus) and the mute buttons quickly and simultaneously. The remote should now work.

  • What are the dimensions of the individual parts of the S-Series?

    Cubes: ​L x W x H ​9.5 x 9.5 x 11.5cm/3.6 x 3.6 x 4.7in. ​ ​Soundbar: ​22.5 x 9.5 x 11.5cm/9 x 3.6 x 4.7in.Woofer: ​24 x 9 x 24cm/9.5 x 3.5 x 9.5in. ​Please note the width of 9cm/3.5in is inclusive of the small leg which the speaker uses to balance on.

  • Which power cables do I need to use?
    It is very important to Check the power on the plug head. For The S-Cubes, use 1500 mAh. S-Woofer: use 2000 mAh. S-Bar: use 3000 mAh.
  • What do I do if there seems to be no power to my S-Bar?

    Unplug the S-Woofer and S-Bar, wait for 20 seconds, plug them back in and turn on. Ensure the power cables are correct (S-Cube: 1500mAh, S-Woofer: 2000mAh, S-Bar: 3000mAh) If that doesn’t work, please contact our support team for further assistance.

  • Why my Blu-ray player is not playing Dolby Atmos?
    Refer to your Blu-ray player manufacturers guide and check the audio settings of your Blu-ray player are configured correctly. Go to the audio settings of your Blu-ray player and change to TrueHD output. The LED on the S-Woofer will flash when receiving Dolby Atmos content.
  • Why does my S-bar make a loud pitch when watching Sky Q?
    This is due to your settings on the Sky Q box. Go into the Sky Q menu, navigate to the HDMI control setting and disable this.
  • Is the S-Series Virtual Dolby Atmos?
    No, it is actual Dolby Atmos that uses two up-firing speakers in the Atmos extension which connects to the top of the S-Bar (soundbar)


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