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Damson S-Series

Damson S-Series

Damson S-Series
Dolby® Atmos Wireless Home Cinema System
  • Cinematic sound with Dolby Atmos

  • Expandable – add up to 15 additional S-Cubes for multi room only

  • AV receiver with 4k UHD video pass through

  • Simple to use just plug and play

  • Fill your home with sound, not speakers

  • Up to 8 hours playback from a single charge


This creates an incredibly immersive, cinematic experience that can't be replicated by normal surround sound


A Unique product because of wireless technology, compact components and battery-powered rears for a wire-free configuration


I listened to various movie trailers, and videos, with the Atmos, and the quality and experience were very good, for a system with way fewer speakers than what you would find in movie theatres


What’s surprising about the Damson S-Series is quite how much sound the company has managed to squeeze into such a relatively small package. It’s plenty loud enough, and has all the directional audio that I expected from an Atmos system.

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Upgrade your TV Experience

The S-Series combines multiple speakers to deliver breathtaking sound from every direction, making it a real game-changer in home cinema technology. Every detail, every whisper, every note; you’ll never miss a thing with the S-Series from Damson.

Experience S-Series


Setup is easy. Just plug in and play and with Damson’s built-in JetStreamNet Wireless Technology, meaning there are no extra messy audio cables trailing around the room.


British design with a small form factor. Compliment your TV setup and surroundings. Using Damson’s innovative audio technology, the S-Bar soundbar and S-Woofer are designed to be discreet whilst delivering powerful sound. At just 240mm/9.5 inches wide, your eyes will be on the action, not the soundbar. With the wire free set up, it’s perfect for those who don’t want to run cables throughout their home.


Product Overview

The Damson S-Series includes everything you need to create the only wireless home cinema system with Dolby Atmos®.

- Absolute wireless surround sound powered by Damson JetStreamNet

- Modular system design: Flexible and easy to set up

- Experience Dolby Atmos 3D 360º immersive surround sound

- Supports HDR10, Dolby Vision and 4K UHD video passthrough. Compatible with Apple TV, Sky Q, Bluray, Amazon Fire 4K and Xbox One.

- Compact, powerful design with a balanced sound for modern living rooms

- Powered by JetStreamNet for wireless surround sound

- Powerful 135 Watts wireless home cinema system

- Patented Ultrathin Subwoofer redfining the expectations of subwoofers for typical living rooms.

- Supports Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital+, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro-logic, Dolby Virtual Surround, DTS and DTS-X

- Video passthrough supports Dolby Vision & HDR10 and 4k UHD

- Watch surround sound truly wireless with S-Cubes built in Lithium batteries

- 2 x HDMI inputs; 1 x Aux-in; Bluetooth

- 1 x HDMI Output with Audio Return Channel (ARC)

- Universal power suppy with USA/UK/EU/Australia adapters

- Supports ARC HDMI remote control operstion

- Wireless remote control - no line of sight required

The Damson S-Cubes

- Dimensions: 100 x 116 x 100mm (4.3 x 4.5 x 3.9")

- 35 Watts output

- 4 x 42mm custom made drivers

- 1 x 78mm custom made subwoofer

- 7,800mAh battery. Up to 8 hours playtime and approx charge time of 2 hours>

- Sources: JetStreamNet, Aux In, Bluetooth

- Weight: 0.76kg / 1.67lb

- Wireless range extends up to 30 metres per speaker


home cinema for all

The S-Series combines multiple speakers to deliver breathtaking sound from every direction, making it a real game-changer in home cinema technology. Every detail, every whisper, every note; you’ll never miss a thing with the S-Series from Damson. Hear it first – join the S-Series launch list



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Outstanding system at amazing value

I don't write reviews. Ever. So why did I write this? I saw the review from "Paul" and just have to disagree with his comments about the product. I agree with him that the service and product build are outstanding, but so is the product.

I live in a condo in Florida, it's not huge but it's also not too small. I wanted a home theater system that would fit in the living room and over running it for the size of the speakers. My wife told me I couldn't get full surround because of the audio cables. I really didn't want a virtual soundbar because they're crap and I thought there had to be a system that did it all wirelessly.

After a lot of research I found the Damson and the S-Series. I read the reviews and the negatives seemed to be about the volume steps and bass. So I reached out to their live chat (Marc I think) who advised that an update had been performed. I took the jump and bought the kit.

Set up was a breeze, even simple for a mid-50 somthing like me. No apps to download, no wifi codes to enter, just plug a few HDMI cables in. I did have problem with not getting Atmos but found out that was my HDMI cable, not the S-Series after a quick video call with Marc.

The system is awesome though, the bass works for me as I don't want Odeon style rib shattering but my old bones still shake from it. I never have the volume up over 70% I think and the surround is incredible. Best bit, I put the surround cubes on my side tables next to our couch when I want to use them and use them wirelessly then I charge them when i've finished. Keeps my good lady happy.

I would just say that for the price - around half the price off Sonos home theater - this is awesome. Ignore Paul, I think he wants an AMC theater in his living room.

Written by Allan| 20 December 2018
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Pretty special

The guys at Damson have put together something pretty special. Great sound in such a smart and compact package. There really is no competition in its price/class. My only gripe would be the large jump in volume adjustments, which I hope the guys can tweak with a software update.

Written by Josh| 13 December 2018
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Excellent System

Such a flexible system - the sound defies the small scale of the units and wireless connectivity allows you to place and move the system easily to suit your room and daily needs. It adds immersion to all TV and film watching and with a Dolby Atmos source the quality of the surround experience is unbelievable. There is nothing else out there that is so versatile and discreet and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Written by Simgs| 7 November 2018
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