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What we're watching #29

What we're watching #29

Missing live sport? Here’s our guide to getting some form of a sports fix during the lockdown.

It’s a word we are becoming so used to hearing....“unprecedented” and it certainly is true.  No live sport whatsoever, anywhere in the World really is unprecedented! We’re missing sport as you’d never believe so we’ve been bingeing on some great shows out there to give us that fix.  Here’s what we’ve watched so far. 


All or Nothing Manchester City


1. All Or Nothing: Manchester City

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

An amazing fly on the wall docu-series filmed over an entire Premier League season that saw Manchester City's record-breaking Premier League-winning season of 2017-18. The series provides an incredible insight into the operations of one of the World’s biggest clubs including footage from inside the dressing room as coach Pep Guardiola delivers his team talks. The series really demonstrates how well City is run, how ultra-competitive and demanding Pep is, and other insights including the hilarious antics of the kit man. Tottenham Hotspur were mid-way through their filming when the lockdown forced the Premier League to stop, it'll be very interesting to watch this when it is released once football restarts.


Sunderland ‘til I die


2. Sunderland ‘til I die.

Where to watch: Netflix

Our list is not littered with football shows, but this really needs to be watched. Recently back for a second season, it details the fall and fall of Sunderland football Club. The polar opposite of City’s series, it is none the less extremely emotional with more of a connection to the hard done by, yet ultra-loyal fans and hard-working staff. It does have some particular insights such as how narcissistic some footballers (Jack “I’m injured” Rodwell) as he refuses to either leave the club or agree to a lower salary despite not making himself available to play.


The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team


3. The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

It seems like this series was perfectly planned for a lockdown binge session given it was released just before it all kicked off. A show likely commissioned by Cricket Australia to put a positive “spin” (sorry couldn’t resist) following an extremely damaging scandal as Aussie cricket attempts to rebuild its reputation following the ball-tampering scandal that broke in 2018.


Formula 1: Drive to Survive


4. Formula 1: Drive to Survive

Where to watch: Netflix

A Netflix original that offers incredible access to Formula 1’s pit lane, and now available for a second season. The series follows the Formula One “circus” as it travels across the globe. Each episode focuses on specific teams and the races they’re involved in at that time. The cut-throat and competitive nature really shows through as it’s regularly reinforced that there are only 20 seats open and if a driver is not up to scratch, they’re cast away much like the leftovers of your dinner. But it’s not just the teams that are cutthroat, with drivers negotiating new contracts if they feel their skills are not being matched by the quality of the car they drive.


Andy Murray


5. Andy Murray Resurfacing

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

The documentary film follows the emotional journey of tennis star, Andy Murray offering a rare glimpse into a side of Murray that is rarely available. The film covers the period between 2017 – 2019 after Murray copes with his extremely serious hip injury.  through From a heart-wrenching press conference where he breaks down in front of the press, the multiple surgeries and then on to win a Grand Slam in less than a year.  It’s truly an inspirational movie whether or not you like tennis or Andy Murray.


All or Nothing-American Football


6. All or Nothing – American Football.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime.

From the same team that produced City’s series, this is a five-season binge-fest with each season covering different teams from the LA Rams to our particularly favourite season featuring the Dallas Cowboys who started with the confidence that they’d reach the Super bowl only to woefully short.


Last chance U


7. Last Chance U

Where to watch: Netflix

The series documents the American football programme at East Mississippi Community College. Covering topics including the struggles of the players, those finding it tough to adapt to college life, let alone the rigours of college football which is particularly challenging for a number of the squad who have had extremely hard upbringings.


All or Nothing - New Zeland all black


8. All or Nothing – New Zealand all blacks

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Yet another All or Nothing series, with this one covering the all-conquering All Blacks rugby team. What makes these series great is the connection the viewer makes with the coaches and squads, even if you’re not a die-hard rugby fan, you cannot but feel utter admiration for the competitiveness, strength and desire of these men.


One in a billion


9. One in a billion.

Where to watch: Netflix

A fascinating docu-film that follows the journey of Satnam Singh, a basketball player struggling to fulfil his dream of making a place for himself in the NBA. Bhamara became the first Indian player to be drafted into the NBA in 2015.


two must see movies


10. Two must see movies

Where to watch: Various streaming platforms

Throwing in a curveball at the end here are two movies that are must watches. First, Moneyball. Using the “inspired by real events” this catalogues how Oakland Athletics baseball team, a team with a limited budget, used analytics to uncover undervalued talent and assemble a competitive team. Second, Youngblood, a classic 1980’s feelgood movie following the challenges of a highly rated ice hockey player, both on and off rink, as he tackles dirty tactics of some of his own squad as well as handling the complications of a relationship with the coaches daughter. An all-star cast including Rob Lowe and Patrick Swazye. If your other half isn’t a sports fan, the romantic element and chiselled jaws should appeal.