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The S-Series: From Dream to Reality

The S-Series: From Dream to Reality

It's time for the arrival of another great product. It's time for the launch of our S-Series crowdfunding campaign.

The S-Series consists of the S-Bar and S-Woofer Home Cinema Hub and the S-Cube, a portable speaker that can network into the Home Cinema system to create a surround sound system. The S-Cube can also work independently anywhere you need it, providing rich, powerful sound. All connected with out the fussiness of a phone app or an exterior amp.

There's a huge sense of achievement when a great product moves from a dream to reality. For as long as we have existed we have shared our dreams with you. A successful crowdfunding campaign not only demonstrates that people believe in what you're doing, but also that they're happy to invest their money and confidence in your success. 

In July 2014. 1170 people believed in our Headbones to the tune of $126,294.

In November 2015, 808 people believed in our AuraVisor to the tune of $223,245.

Both of these products now exist in the real word and both have pushed the boundaries of what is possible with current technologies. 1978 people who decided to believe in us are directly responsible for this.

In September 2016 we will push boundaries with the S-Series too.

Its design challenges the assumptions of what a sound system should be, and delivers a groundbreaking experience.

The S-Series will:

  • Break the perceived link between sound quality and size by demonstrating that a small system can deliver high quality sound.
  • Shift the paradigm on sound system processing: housing the processor in the sub means contributes to the previous point of reducing size while retaining sound quality.
  • Set new benchmarks for sound system design: gone are the ugly rectangular black boxes that usually house sub-woofers.
  • Liberate the user by offering them multiple ways to use the product. Whether by programming it into the TV remote, connecting via Bluetooth, or switching one portable speaker to Single Mode and removing it from the system for external use, there is more flexibility than you would expect from a sound system.

How the S-Series came to be.

The underlying fundamentals for the S-Series are sound, size and simplicity: we wanted to improve sound, reduce size and increase simplicity.

The S-Series' dedicated team of industrial and mechanical engineers made the decisions that realised these fundamentals. They chose components and customised our drivers to enable them to deliver sound quality usually associated with bigger systems, and designed a product that leads the way in design rather than imitating others.

We're proud of what we've created.

We're confident you'll love how it fits into your life.

And we'd love to invite you to get involved.