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Shop smart, save cash!

Shop smart, save cash!

Everyone LOVES a bargain, especially us. We are from Yorkshire after all.


With every man and their dog starting their January sales earlier and earlier, we thought we would offer our tips on how to get the most out of your shopping!


Camel Camel Camel

This is an Amazon price tracker that makes sure you are ALWAYS getting the best deals. You don’t even need to have a registration for this to work for you, but if you want to receive alerts, you’ll need to. You will be able to track the price history of a product price, and ensure that you purchase it at the right time, for the right price!



One of the easiest reward sites to use, by a long way. All you need to do, is browse their site an choose from 1000’s of retailers and corresponding cash offers. Then, just click through to your retailers and shop as usual, and after you make a purchase, the retailer will pay TopCashBack commission for the purchase, which is then given back to you! Who doesn’t love free money!



QuidCo is one of the easiest reward sites to use, which in our eyes, makes it a winner. Similar to how TopCashBack works, but quicker. All you need to do is link one (or more) or your credit or debit cards to your QuidCo account. Active any offers you would be interested in, and the cash back you earn will be paid back to you once the purchase is confirmed. Simple!


Easy Fund Raising

A nice one for the philanthropist amongst you. This app lets you choose a cause that you would like to support, instead of a retailer to receive cash back in your pocket from. The principle is the same after sign-up when you place an order with a chosen retailer (and there are A LOT that work with these guys), the percentage that you save, is then donated to the cause you have chosen, instead of coming back to you.



Flubit are a UK based (and owned) marketplace that hosts catalogues for numerous different categories, including home, garden, electronics, toys & books. Kind of like an alternative to Amazon. The concept is simple and really easy to use. All you need to do is copy the link if the product that you are interested in from Amazon into Flubit, and it will find you a better price for the same item if one is available. Ideal for someone who likes to shop around, especially on Amazon.



A nice simple app for Android devices that helps you to decide which card to use when you are making a purchase so that you maximise your reward benefits. Sign up with your email address, and then select from a list or search from credit card programmes you are enrolled in. Even if you know nothing about the programmes, Wallaby will make it super easy to match up. Make sure you turn location services on so the app can find businesses near you that are linked, and point them out on the map.



Shopkick is an app for smartphones, that offers rewards for shoppers both online and in store, and awards them “kicks”, which can be exchanged for gift cards. They are US based only but have some REAL big hitters on board, such as Target, Wallmart, Starbucks and Yankee Candle, so if you use them a lot, especially around the sales period, they are well worth looking in to.


Amazon Smile

Similar to Top Fund Raising, this is a way for you to make sure that all the Amazon purchases you make mean something. Incredibly uncomplicated to use, all you need to do is choose a cause close to your heart, and instead of shopping through an Amazon app or their website, go to to do your shopping. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the net purchase price to your chosen cause. Simple as that! 



Do you have any other tips you would recommend? If so, tag us on Social Media to let us know!