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Headbones get great press coverage

Headbones get great press coverage

It's been great to see all the reaction from the recent launch of Headbones. We've had some really positive reviews including the two below:

Twin Geeks 

"In these moments I loved the Headbones and thought they were the future."

Cycling Weekly 

"We previously reported on a BBC poll that found 90% of people would want a ban on riding with headphones, while one in six admitted to doing it. What ever your stance, if this could make cycling while listening to music safer, it can only be a good thing".

Today we made it on to the Lust List in the Metro newspaper. A national UK newspaper. It's the third time Damson Audio has had a product featured in this widely read publication. 

We'll update this regularly to keep you up to date with what's happening at Damson.

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