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Music Playlist week #13

Music Playlist week #13

Welcome to Damson's weekly feature.

Each week we share 10 great tracks with you. 




Gramatik - Muy Tranquilo

Slovenian producer Gramatik delivers big time with this track. Hitting the sweet spot between being super chilled out and incredibly uplifting, this is funk and soul updated to perfection. Once you listen to this you'll be a superfan. Guaranteed.


At The Drive-In - Governed By Contagions

When ATD-I released their first track in 16 years we had everything crossed that it would be amazing. We needn't have worried because they knocked it out of the park again with this comeback. Heavy, Punky and totally uncompromising. Just the way we like them.



ANOHNI, formally known as Anthony Heggarty, released this fantastic, but scathing track commentating on global warming a few years ago to great acclaim, followed by her storming album Hopelessness. A slight change of pace from the Anthony & The Johnsons music, but no less impressive.


Augustines - Are We Alive?

If you were lucky enough to ever see Augustines live before they split up then you're a lucky, lucky person. In William McCarthy, they had one of the most charismatic and engaging frontmen ever. If you get a chance, watch "Rise: The Story of Augustines" documentary. Life-affirming stuff.


Ry X - Berlin

Ry X is a man with fingers in many musical pies and an incredibly varied musical taste. This is evident from his back catalogue where he wears his influences on his sleeve, from Jeff Buckley to James Blake. This is from the Berlin EP released in 2013 and is him at his most heartbreaking.


St. Paul & The Broken Bones - Call Me

It takes a lot of nerve to give your band name a devine description, but these guys more than back it up. Wringing every drop of emotion out of the vocals, Call Me begs to be heard at the loudest possible volume or even better, live and in person.


Willis Earl Beal - Too Dry To Cry

Beal is a bit of an enigma, with a life containing a stint in the US army and X-Factor auditions. There are plenty of his dirty blues and R&B tracks to choose from, but this one always seems to jump out. Give it a listen and you'll understand why.


Shad - Sylin'

Candian rapper and sometime documentary maker (see The Evolution of Hip-Hop on Netflix) is a class act. This was the first thing we ever heard from him, but the catchy beat and soaring hook from vocalist Saukrates make it totally unforgettable.


+++ (Crosses) - The Epilogue

Crosses are yet another of Chino Moreno's many, many side projects. For our money, they are the best. Even if you're not a fan of Moreno/Deftones in general, we'd still highly recommend checking these guys out. You may find yourself addicted.


Cherry Ghost - People Help The People

History hasn't been kind to this song, with it being grouped in with a lot of other depressing British Indie-Rock from the noughties, but we think it's unfair. Just listen to it. Great piano chords combined with Simon Aldred's amazing voice mean this will always be a favourite of ours.