With Coachella festival kicking off very soon, we have compiled a list of our top acts to make sure you check out over the 2 weekends, some you will be familiar with, and some not so!




First up is Philadelphia 6 piece The War On Drugs. Not nearly as dreary as their name might suggest, these American Indie Rockers are 4 albums into a career spanning over 10 years. It can be argued that it took until their 3rd Studio album, Lost In The Dream for them to start getting the recognition they richly deserve, leading up to them receiving the Grammy for Best Rock Album for A Deeper Understanding. They are surely on the cusp of becoming stadium fillers, so make sure you see them before they do and ticket prices go through the roof!

TRACKS TO LOOK OUT FOR: Holding On, Red Eyes, Thinking Of A Place




Maybe better known for the Belgian Dewaele side project as the ultimate party starters, 2manydjsSoulwax are still fantastic musicians when not behind the turntables. The guys first came to everyone’s attention after the release of their second album Much Against Everyone’s Advice. It took them 6 years to release another, with the mainstream breakthrough of Any Minute Now, which still sounds as amazing today as it did back then. Well worth catching whenever they are on the Festival circuit.

TRACKS TO LOOK OUT FOR: Do You Want To Get Into Trouble?, E-Talking, NY Excuse




You might have heard of her….. One of the 3 headline acts for the festival, Queen B puts on one hell of a show. The human embodiment of female independence and power, she is everything you would want from a festival attraction. You know exactly what you’re getting with a Beyoncé set, dancing, theatrics, and amazingly catchy songs to boot. If you are at Coachella this year, and you miss Beyoncé, you would never forgive yourself.

TRACKS TO LOOK OUT FOR: Crazy In Love, Love On Top, Formation




It’s pretty different to pigeonhole Benjamin Clementine, but maybe that is what makes him so special. Born in London, Clementine relocated to Paris at 19 to home his musical craft by busking and playing in bars. He moved back to London in 2013, and grabbed everyone’s attention with an incredible performance on Later With Jools Holland, followed by bagging the Mercury Music Prize in 2015 for his debut album At Least For Now, and has been a swift upward curve ever since. In our opinion, the PERFECT music to chill out to in the California sun.

TRACKS TO LOOK OUT FOR: Phantom Of Allepoville, Cornerstone, I Won’t Complain




Another home grown talent (to us brits anyway), Alt -J have been a staple festival band for the past 6 or 7 years, while at the same time releasing 3 studio albums, all of which show a drastic improvement and maturity on the last. Another act very difficult to pigeonhole, Alt-J are primarily seen as an Indie Rock band, but labelling them as such does them a huge disservice. One of the most intelligent, thoughtful and innovative bands to come out of the UK in the last 10 years, Alt-J are an unmissable act.

TRACKS TO LOOK OUT FOR: Tessellate, Left Hand Free, Breezeblocks




Paris, as they are pronounced, are an American rock band fronted by the wonderfully charismatic Lynn Gunn, and have been around the music scene since 2013.Early comparisons with bands such as Paramore were inevitable, but ultimately, inaccurate. PVRIS deserve to be on their own pedestal, not sharing with their peers. They are currently only 2 albums into, what I’m sure will be a long storied career. Catch them while they’re hot!

TRACKS TO LOOK OUT FOR: You & I, St. Patrick, What’s Wrong




Another act you will have probably heard of, and the second of the main festival headliners. Marshall Mathers III has kept himself relatively quiet in recent, before a Trump-bashing freestyle rap appeared online before the launch of his latest album. Eminem tours are a bit of a rarity these days, so you would be crazy to miss out on an opportunity to see one of the most ground breaking musicians ever do what he does best!

TRACKS TO LOOK OUT FOR: Stan, Lose yourself, The Way I Am




Annie “St. Vincent” Clark has been around the music industry for a long time, firstly as a member of the Polyphonic Spree, then as Sufjan Steven’s touring band, before branching out on her own in 2006, but it is last years “Masseducation” that is her career highlight so far. 2017 was the year when female empowerment really came to the fore, and it is no surprise that the shift in power dynamics features heavily. With incredibly quirky and eccentric stage shows, this is sure to be a highlight of the whole weekend.

TRACKS TO LOOK OUT FOR: New York, Cruel, Saviour

 st vincent



Lead by the gloriously eccentric, mostly Tool frontman, Maynard James KeenanA Perfect Circle are a sight to behold. Formed in 1999 as somewhat of a “super group” Keenan has always strived to keep the band’s sound as far away as possible from Tool, and while they may not be quite as experimental, the music is no less powerful, starting with their phenomenal debut album Mer De Noms. For those at Coachella looking for something a bit different to the sea of EDM and Indie Rock, look no further. Plus, you’re never quite sure when the current tour will be their last.

TRACKS TO LOOK OUT FOR: The Doomed, Judith, The Outsider

 perfect circle



Finally, the last of our festival headliners. The Weeknd, or Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, as his parents will know him, is on an absolute hot streak at the minute, with chart topping hit after chart topping hit, and an absolute slew of awards to boot. Still, unbelievably, only 28, The Weeknd is going to be around for a long, long time, so I very much doubt this will be the only time he is in such a premium festival slot. But don’t let that put you off from watching an artist at the absolute peak of his creative powers.

TRACKS TO LOOK OUT FOR: Starboy, Pray For Me, The Hills


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