Definitive moments in Music History

Posted 15/02/2018 15:27 By Mark hudson

10) Eminem releases Marshall Mathers LP

Marshall Mathers III, or Eminem as he is more commonly known,  was already a global star by the time he released his second studio album in 2000, but n...

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Damson's alternative guide to York

Posted 22/12/2017 12:33 By Damson

Damson Global may have aspirations to be a worldwide force but we are, and always will be, proud of our Yorkshire Roots and in particular the beautiful city of York, where we are based.


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Best Songs from TV Commercials

Posted 14/12/2017 11:31 By Damson

You know when you hear a song, and then it annoys you for ages because you can’t remember where you heard it before, it can be quite Irritating. Then you realise it’s from a commercial you h...

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The art of the mixtape

Posted 05/12/2017 15:55 By Damson

Mixtape. Not playlist, not track listing, MIXTAPE. In an age when it’s all too easy to shove a load of songs on a playlist, hit shuffle, and sit back listening to the same songs every time i...

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Top 5 Popcorn flicks for your Home Cinema

Posted 30/11/2017 13:44 By Damson

Firstly, you may be wondering what is Dolby Atmos? A traditional 5.1 system sends sound around you. Dolby Atmos allows sound to be positioned anywhere, in front, above, behind, to the side. ...

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Innovation, not imitation.

Posted 28/10/2017 14:44 By Damson

Damson aren’t in the market to be another creator of generic technology.

Our products are designed to push - and transcend - boundaries in style and design. Innovation is the very heart of wh...

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20 Years of Fresher’s Week

Posted 28/10/2017 14:25 By damson damson

This year’s cohort of first year university students – or Freshers, as they’re more often known - were born between September 1 1997 and August 31st 1998*

Read that again: they were born in 1...

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Reading and Leeds Rundown

Posted 28/10/2017 14:21 By damson damson

In the age of online streaming and the AdBlock Chrome extension, Spotify playlists make a good replacement for mixtapes.

We’ve curated a short and sweet 52 minute mixtape of our top recommend...

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